Global Investment Reporting Operations


A leading $200 billion global Investment fund produced monthly and quarterly reports detailing trends, performance, and risks across the investment portfolio for regulators and  a variety of key stakeholders.  The investment report creation process consisted of 4 key phases: 

  • Accounting Books Close
  • Performance Close
  • Validation
  • Treasury/Ops/Risk Executive Review

The end-to-end process took an average of 15.1± 2.7 business days to complete.  This lengthy cycle time led to issues with outdated information by the time the reports were ready for Treasury/Ops/Risk Exec reviews, only for the entire process to kick off again days later for the next months’ reports.

The fund engaged the Carly Rian Group to assess the current state global investment fund reporting process and develop solutions to optimize the end-to-end flow and reduce the overall duration.


CRG executed the following approach to achieve the client’s objectives:

  • Conducted interviews and workshops with key stakeholders from Performance Measurement, Enterprise Reporting, and Investment Risk, and executed data collection plan to develop detailed process documentation and measure lead and cycle times
  • Identified value add and waste activities across the investment report creation process through a detailed task level Lean assessment​
  • Conducted root cause analysis of waste and issues, and developed detailed process improvements to address the key challenges and material root causes
  • Created a strategic roadmap which prioritized and sequenced solutions and improvements according to impact and effort
  • Oversaw implementation of quick wins and short term recommendations


  • Identified ‘non-tech’ process opportunities to improve the overall delivery timeline for the investment report by 35%​ (~5.5 days) 
  • Identified further technology enhancements (i.e., workflow, system integration) that could further reduce the end-to-end delivery time by ~5 days, and overall cycle time by 40% 
  • Supported implementation of non-tech process improvements to achieve 35% overall delivery time reduction of monthly investment fund reports

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