CRG Innovates A Wealth Management Firm’s Product Offering, Digital Sales Channel And Client Onboarding

CRG Delivers A Strategic Analysis And Target Operating Model To Innovate A Wealth Management Firm’s Product Offering, Digital Sales Channel And Client Onboarding

The Challenge

A leading wealth management firm was experiencing declining sales. As a result, the organization embarked on a multi-year strategic initiative to evaluate three strategic options for the business:

  1. Exit the business
  2. Maintain the business
  3. Innovate and build the business through new products and digitization of their sales channel and client onboarding

 CRG was engaged to establish a data-driven business case and recommendation on the most viable strategic option in order to inform and influence C-Suite decision making and obtain Board level approval


The Outcome

Leveraging expertise in strategic data modelling, financial analysis, target operating model design and executive facilitation, CRG led the following:

  • Evaluated current data, identified data gaps, and built a strategic data / financial model to evaluate options (i.e., exit, maintain or innovate/build)
  • Developed a data driven recommendation to build the business by branching into new digital offerings and sales channels
  • Conducted feasibility studies and designed the operating model for a new digital sales channel including strategies for mitigating cannibalization of existing sales channels
  • Analyzed the impact to new client onboarding and developed recommendations for optimization
  • Conducted workshops to align the executive team and board on the recommended build strategy and corresponding initiatives
  • Developed a communication strategy including reports and storyboards to bring the Board onside
  • Knowledge transferred the strategic data and financial model to the client to support subsequent strategic analysis and decision making processes
  • Provided a data-driven recommendation and strategy to help position the organization for future growth and transformation

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