January 12, 2024

Toronto, Ontario

Carly Rian Group, a Toronto based management consulting firm is pleased to announce Partnership promotions for long time employees Sunil Sandhu and Jason Mattka. Both Sunil and Jason have been with the firm for 10+ years, making incredible contributions to the firms culture and growth and have rose through various leadership roles culminating in recent promotions to the Partner level.

"We proudly announce the promotion of Jason and Sunil to Partners at our firm. Their exceptional problem-solving skills, unwavering commitment to client value, embodiment of our culture, and exemplary leadership make them outstanding role models for our team." - Elliot Edell, Partner CRG

"Jason and Sunil’s promotion to Partner is a special milestone .  Jason and Sunil joined the firm over 10 years ago in junior roles and developed into strong problem solvers and trusted leaders who embody CRG values.  Their development and impact on the business is emblematic of CRG’s commitment to organic growth and client success, with a focus on continued evolution and scale of the business.   Please join us in wishing them congratulations on an exciting and well deserved promotion." - Adam Godfrey, Managing Partner CRG

"Very proud of this milestone accomplishment for Jason and Sunil. At CRG we are invested in our colleagues careers and this achievement is both great for their individual career success and evidence of the growth and development oriented culture we strive to provide at this firm." - Rajeev Roy, CRG Managing Partner

Jason and Sunil will continue to lead major accounts for CRG, provide mentorship to the overall team and will be critical to enable the firm's next wave of growth.

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