Carly Rian Group (“CRG”) is helping clients achieve success during this challenging time

We recognize these are unprecedented times as the world navigates the uncertainty of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).   This is also a time when our clients need our support more than ever to ensure key priorities are being addressed with a focus on critical path.   With a continued focus on customer experience, corporate culture, and employee engagement, our clients are working with us to make timely decisions and critical changes to drive necessary efficiencies and effectiveness.

At CRG, problem solving is in our every fiber.  In our remote operating model, our team continues to work with our clients to help solve their business-critical problems. As consultants, we are nimble, flexible and mobile in nature.  With our current technology in place, our team has adapted quickly leveraging video calls, screen sharing, and virtual whiteboards among many other methods to collaborate virtually in order to sustain the high quality client/team interaction and deliverables expected of us.

Our focus on our client’s well-being is unwavering. Our client mandates and their desire to be successful remain unchanged; however, new methods and operating models may be required to achieve success.

Our clients are working with us to:

  • Design operating models to enable focus and clarity across roles and responsibilities
  • Optimize processes and FTE capacity to do more with less
  • Analyze non-labour expenses to create synergies between vendors and drive procurement savings across the enterprise
  • Repatriate operations from ‘off-shore’ to ‘on-shore’ as a method to reduce risk and maintain control
  • Optimize ability to deliver in a virtual/remote operating model to drive employee and customer engagement  (customer experience, SLAs, standardization of digital channels)

If the COVID-19 pandemic has created new and evolving challenges in your business operations, Carly Rian Group is ready to help!

Contact us to learn more about how we are helping our clients and how we can help you.